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Why is Lego so popular?

Lego has been a feature of many children's toy boxes for years, and only a few parents have discovered how painful it might be to step on a loose brick! But why did such a simple toy last so long?

Today, Lego sets come in many different types, just as well as the large box of standard bricks. Now let's say, but you can buy Star Wars sets and City sets for a few of them, and that's probably the first reason this toy stays at the beginning of the game.

Lego was first produced in 1949 and now the famous locking bricks were actually called "Auto-Connecting Bricks". The first bricks were not very versatile and did not lock together very well. The modern brick style was originally produced in 1958, and the basic design of the interlocking bricks has not changed since.

Although this toy is now over 50 years old, Lego has managed to keep the brand up to date and relevant by keeping up with the times. Most of the sets on sale today are branded around movies like Star Wars or Batman. Therefore, modest little plastic bricks begin to come to life as part of an exciting and up-to-date action figure set, although they will undoubtedly relax as they always do in the toy box.

Unlike regular action figure sets, bricks can be used to create anything. Therefore, while a Harry Potter figure is thrown once when magicians are no longer cold, a Harry Potter Lego set can still be paired with Power Rangers, Transformers, or anything that was popular at the time.

In fact, most of the instructions for sets will probably disappear forever after the first production. After that, the child's imagination begins to release and they create their own robots, spacecraft and jet planes. And of course, parents expect an excuse to descend on the carpet just to lend a helping hand for construction projects.

Today, Lego is a multi-billion dollar corporation that covers theme parks, retail stores and films such as the newly released Lego Batman Movie. All of these help to keep building blocks modern and relevant.

Another thing that helps keep Lego relevant is neither a boy's toy nor a girl's toy. These little plastic blocks will work as well as a dollhouse like a castle or tank. These blocks are also durable, so they can be delivered from one child to another or even from one generation to another.

Best of all, you can spend your hours creating a masterpiece and then smash it all and start over again. No glue or paint is required and each part can be reused on another model.

Why is Lego still so popular? Because a cluster can start as one thing, and then there can be anything your imagination can come up with. Although sets become more complex and figurines become more detailed, Lego's basic proposition is the basic proposition that you put it back together as you wish. Who can get bored of that?


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