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Top 10 Wii Games to See as a Holiday Gift

Need help choosing a Wii U for your friends and family this holiday season? Your guide to choosing the games that really stand out on Wii U. Most of these games cannot be found anywhere else, and a few have exact versions on Wii U. These are the top 10 games. Check out Wii U for the holiday season.

# 1 Super Mario 3D World

The best reason to have a Wii U is to play Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo's EAD team is one of the most experienced and polished development studios in the entire industry. I would go far enough to say that it was a concrete example of game developers. The two most recent games were Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii and Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS. So, what genre did they target for Wii U in this first 3D Mario game? Super Mario 3D Land's semi-fixed level direction? Or Super Mario Galaxy 2's free roaming camera? Obviously, a transition between the two. Super Mario 3D has Land's platform layout, but the levels are much wider, and the graphics are absolutely stunning, like the art of the Galaxy series.

2. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Wind Waker was already a cult hit on the Gamecube, and now it's even better. In the GCN release, some people had a few hiccups that prevented them from fully experiencing this experience. Those who like slow sailing and sailing quest have been developed not to slow down the flow and speed of the game. In addition, the graphics received a completely new lighting engine and HD resolution that brought the cartoon art to life.

3. Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is the ideal version of what Shigeru Miyamoto had in mind when creating the Pikiger series. Much more powerful hardware allows you to see and zoom out tremendously in your environments, so you can micro-manage multiple teams in a map. If you like strategy games and Nintendo charm, Pikmin 3 is not a game you want to miss.

4. Great 101

Fans left about The Wonderful 101. Well, will you enjoy it? Basically, it goes to a question: the main player or the tough one? If you're tough, you'll have a chance with the TW101. Can be your favorite Wii U game. Great 101, he doesn't like to hold his hand. It is waiting for you to learn the ropes through experiments and practices. He will challenge you. It will throw all kinds of chaos on your screen. If you can handle extreme movements, you're going for a ride.

5. Zombie

How about another misunderstood game? If you're looking for another Call of Duty shooter that took place in star zombies, you've come to the wrong place. Zombie is not a shooter. A survival horror game with amazing innovation. You're scared when you share your stuff, keep the zombies away with a cricket bat, and run for your life. And if you want a game that's a real showcase for your gamers, the kind of innovation Wii U GamePad can bring to mature games, it's the ace in your arm.

6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Are you ready to spend thousands of hours in a game with your friends? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will get the most out of your money for hours and try to cut the monster's tail so you can move on to the next armor level. Don't blame me if you haven't seen the sunshine for a few months. I warned you.

7. Lego City Hidden

Lego City Undercover is a cleverly fun and stupid cheat that tickles your funny bone and makes you laugh all the time. Not to mention, the game is pure and flawless fun going through and going through. Enjoy a GTA-like game that never takes it too seriously but never allows gas when it comes to gaming.

8. New Super Mario Bros U / New Super Luigi U

This 2D Mario Bros experience is one of my favorite 2D Mario games for a long time. I've played Nintendo's latest new Super Mario Bros., and this game has been above all others. It stems from the incredible diversity that is fully maintained in the levels / powerups and the difficulty of getting three star coins at each level.

9. Wii Party U

Remember Wii Sports? This was the game you showed your friends and family when you wanted to influence what the game could do with motion controls. It was instantly intuitively understood by every person holding the Wiimote, and they soon had a laugh and play. While Nintendo hopes this will happen once again with NintendoLand, there are tons of mini-games that will quickly speed up your friends and family on how much fun the ultimately successful game Wii Party U. Wii U will be.

10. Top-Rated U-Speed ​​Needed

The criterion used to make the burnout series. Then they started working on Need for Speed. And here's a game that makes you feel almost like a combination of the two. With the Most Wanted U Need for Need, Criterion acquired the Xbox 360 / PS3 version of the game and improved tremendously in both visuals, extra modes and controls. Whether you want to play alone or with friends, this is a great racing game every Wii U owner has.


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