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Ole Kirk Christiansen – Inventor of Legos

How can a simple plastic piece be a worldwide hit in LEGO? LEGO has existed since the 1940's, but in the last 10-15 years this toy has experienced a renewed charm. LEGO presented full sets around movies such as Toy Story, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. In addition, they created a line of LEGO building blocks for older children and adults interested in robots, which in fact helped robots and the excitement of building work to move toys for everyone. But what brought this idea to the front, and who exactly is Ole Kirk Christiansen?

Lego started as wooden toys in Ole Kirk Christiansen's studio in Denmark and became a carpenter by trading. In 1932 he started making wooden toys. In 1934 the company was called Lego, and in 1940 they began to produce plastic toys. Until 1949, Lego began to sell "Automatic Bonding Bricks" based on another product that was unique in the mid and late 1940s in the UK.

The attraction here was that the blocks were stuck together, but they weren't so tight that you couldn't pinch them. Smaller hands, fingers and their parents will buy blocks to their children easier.

The name Lego is written in the form of a leg godesi, a Danish sentence which means “playing well”. The slogan of the Lego Group (in Danish) is "kun det bedste er godt nok", which means "only the best is good enough". strongly. This slogan is still in use today.

It was surprising that Lego at that time was not so much taken into account by retailers or consumers, and at that time had very low sales, because no one ever thought that plastic toys could change the wooden ones. How times have changed since these early days.

Until 1958, the modern Lego brick had not been patented, and in fact the changes in the product that had ever lived. The bricks made in 1958 are still compatible with the existing bricks.

Today, while the main formats of bricks are the same, Lego has transformed the product from a simple toy into versatile sets that can be combined to create stunning designs. Reproductions of famous world landmarks were routinely created using Legos, and almost every major city in the world hosted Lego building competitions or exhibited tremendously complex Lego designs.

Some of the largest Lego sets have more than 5,000 tracks. These two sets are the Star Wars Millennium Falcon with more than 5,100 pieces and the Taj Mahal, which is close to 6,000.

Lego also produces licensed themes including Star Wars, Batman, SpongeBob SquarePants, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spiderman, Ben 10, Toy Story and the Thomas Tank Engine.

Today, Lego has become a home name and has produced many areas, such as video games, business consulting services, to promote and support creative games, theme parks, retail outlets, children's wear, board games, movies and even books.

What is even more striking is that the company has remained private throughout all these years and continues to develop Lego sets that capture the dreams of children and adults around the world.


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