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Lego Cargo Train Review

In a market full of new and exciting toys, you might think that a company that has been established since 1949 will go beyond the tendencies for Christmas 2010 and be one of the most sought-after lists. It still makes building new and exciting Lego projects permanently popular thanks to the innovative creations of families' generations.

One of the new sets proposed as Top Christmas Toy is the Lego Cargo Train 7939, part of a new series of scenes and landmarks from a typical city center – the collection's name is Lego City. Also known as the Lego City Cargo Train set or the Lego 7939, it consists of 839 pieces and comes with four highly detailed mini figures; A train driver and three cargo yard workers.

Once built, you can use the large crane to load and unload containers and trolleys from the train and container truck, and open the canopies on the engine to expose the driver's cabin at both ends! Or switch to a four-channel, seven-speed infrared remote control that can transport goods along the rails around Lego City!

This recently released Lego City set is already coming up with four star or more ratings for most commentators and consumers. It seems that Lego has once again created a fun and engaging collection for the whole family.

The new Lego City Cargo Train is in high demand this Christmas, so make sure you get ahead of the crowd.


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