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Lego Blocks – Why They Stopped the Time Test Successfully

Lego blocks were first patented on January 28, 1958 – more than 50 years ago. Still, did you know that you can use any Lego building bricks that you may have purchased that year with the company's current day bricks?

In today's endangered society, very few products can have such a long shelf life, and the durability of these attractive, colorful blocks is just one reason for much of their outstanding popularity. However, before considering other reasons, let's take a brief look at the beginning of this famous plastic brick …

Origins of Lego

The original founder of today's colorful plastic building brick was a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen, who initially focused on making wooden toys.

In 1934, the carpenter called the company "Lego" from the Danish "leg god", which means roughly "plays well". However, until 1940, the company would not be able to start offering plastic toys. And it wasn't until about 10 years later – in 1949 – interlocking bricks that once sported the famous round studs and placed rectangular grooves on the other side.

Reasons for Success

When originally introduced, small building blocks were not versatile. In addition, plastic was not considered in a particularly suitable light compared to wood. However, with the slogan “Kun det bedste er godt nok veya or:“ Only the best is good enough ”, the company has constantly worked on and developed the toy.

Nowadays, it is world-renowned, perhaps quite unique in satisfying both children and their parents: children receive hours of fun; My parents realize that playing with toys improves their children's creativity, manual skills and problem-solving faculties.

Just a few of the other reasons for the endless popularity of shiny little bricks:

• Safe, convenient and fun for children of all ages … adults as well!

• Versatile – most ranges are compatible.

• Durable – you can transfer them from one generation to another.

• Value for money – once purchased, it may take longer than you!

• Easy to clean – wash only in warm, soapy water.

• Easily available – from local stores, the Internet or eBay.

• Environmentally friendly production and marketing.

• Many different styles – from ordinary building bricks to boxed, up-to-date themes such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and Space Police, featuring all the people and items that fit the special theme.

The company continuously strives to improve its product. Nowadays, you'll even find Lego Training Centers, full of qualified instructors and fun, where you and your family can enjoy castles, dinosaurs, pirates, wild animals and even water parks.

Fads come and go, but one thing is for sure … The Lego blocks are definitely here!


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