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Building Blocks for Girls in Science and Technology

Until now, I have seen myself as an amazing designer, practitioner and problem solver. I am a female in the world of male dominated computer software engineers. I can declare variables, split difficult data into the latest and largest format, and even use Photoshop to complement the GUI's solid gray form face. It was all up to now. Today, I went to a children's science museum with my three and five year old son. He surprised me about my shortcomings and shortcomings in a world I haven't touched yet. I've never made a "LEGO" car, a "LEGO" spaceship, or even a "LEGO" monster.

My young children learned meticulously and with pleasure a big pile of plastic brick blocks without knowing how to read the brand name. My three-year-old stacked similar colored blocks into a perfect block and grew older. My five-year-old was fortunate enough to find the remains of an unspoiled car to begin his creative adventure. I sat down and realized that I was outside my comfort center in the blink of a single eye. I needed to know these things! I have a toy store; I'm a computer expert, why didn't I get exposed to Lego? I'm almost 35 years old and I don't know how to make and work a rubber ring on a flat plate.

I looked around. There were 100% children around the table. There were a lot of girls in the museum, but they sat in small groups, working with art, movement and many things to my surprises. There were very few girls who wrote ENGAGED in science.

A few years ago, Lego had the idea to create Lego's "girl" series. People with futuristic rods and predominantly pink and purple left little to the imagination and added basic building skills and logic components taught by the basic Lego brand with primary colors, dinosaur, car and male-oriented building sets.

I'm really disappointed that this toy has completely missed the sex. LEGO skilful. With this simple plastic toy, every skill counts from simple colors and complex robotics.


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