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7 Content Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware of This Year

Content marketing is a great marketing activity to achieve business results, and as more and more brands adopt it, competition continues to be really tough. If you are actively using content marketing to promote your business and increase your sales, it is very important to keep up with the latest content marketing trends. Being aware of these trends will inspire and provide you with the power to create more effective marketing strategies. Let's get to work directly – here are the seven content marketing trends that you can't ignore this year.

The rise of branded entertainment

From Lego to Red Bull, a growing number of brands in industries have become compelling content providers, not just content publishers, but also entertainment, creating engaging content such as video series, audio podcasts, online magazines and more. Branded entertainment is more effective in attracting customers' attention and keeping it longer than advertising and traditional content publishing, because it has a greater value and is usually offered in weekly or monthly installments. A good example of branded entertainment, Volvo's Jean Claude van Damme's inspiring epic split & # 39; video.

The rise of marketing automation tools

Managing content effectively across dozens of social networks can be difficult, but an automation marketing system can save the day by giving you control over the content your business publishes. At the same time, automation marketing systems come with advanced built-in monitoring tools that show how viewers interact with your content. Enterprises that integrate an automation system produce more conversions than those who do not.

Micro targeting approach

In an effort to provide more personal and therefore more engaging content, marketers around the world focus on the micro-targeting approach that targets the individual rather than the target audience. More and more brands are becoming discouraged in social media marketing, and their micro-approach reflects how they handle social interactions with their customers. It's all about the individual, the language and tone of your content, and the way you respond to comments on social media. It is about focusing on.

Transition to visual storytelling

While trying to stand out from the competition, many marketer dedicates more to producing engaging videos, slideshows and infographics rather than just plain text content. Looking at the fragmented attention of most Web users, visual storytelling has the potential to capture a distracting audience's attention more easily than text and have a stronger impact on potential customers. This is especially true where networks such as Facebook and Twitter develop a video platform.

Deployment takes precedence

Because of the overload of content, marketers are paying more attention to how they distribute and publish content like never before. This means that time and effort is being spent not only to create interesting content, but to analyze existing distribution channels and compare them to see which is most effective. Brands that define the best social networks and marketing channels for their business are better than those who publish content on all social sites they encounter.

Mobile marketing changes the face of online marketing

Mobile marketing opportunities are growing rapidly, with more and more social networking and special services offering marketers special tools to promote and promote products and services directly to mobile users. Having a mobile responsive site is no longer enough; brands should actively engage mobile audiences with personalized content and contests.

Social media was the primary distribution channel

Although social media marketing has been great in the last few years, it has now become the primary online marketing tool that even changes ads for many businesses. Brands hire professional creators to create social media content for them, and they take delivery very seriously, trying to be original on all major networks.

All in all, it can be said that content marketing has become almost indispensable for any business aiming at a strong online presence and broad pursuit. Content marketing is the backbone strategy for interacting with your target audience and therefore requires careful and lasting effort. Now take out your pen and paper, grab your team and start the strategy.

Pamela Wigglesworth is an international marketing communications trainer, keynote speaker and general manager of Experiential Hands-on Learning, a training and development company. A resident of Asia for more than 25 years helps companies in many sectors to raise awareness, increase leads, and ultimately increase sales.

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